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Solo Show in the International Music Museum and Library of Bologna, Italy

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Why does music exist?

What has brought it into ourselves?

What are its origins?

Penelope looks for answers to some of
the most fascinating questions
of all times. 

Since the first men appeared,
since the Universe was born,
Music has always had a main role
in the Creation.

A scientific, philosophic
and historical research
that will end in an
and site-specific ARTWORKS
for the wonderful, ancient and enchanted
MUSIC MUSEUM of Bologna.

Public Opening
April 15, 2016

The exhibition will be open until May 15, 2016

Penelope’s exhibition in MIAMI RIVER ART FAIR



The Artist has been invited by Nina Torres Fine Art

to be one of the featured artists in Miami’s Art Basel Week

with the wonderful and central MIAMI RIVER ART FAIR.

Black Tie Vernissage
and artist reception:
DEC 3, 2015  –  6-11 PM

Exhibition dates:
DEC 4  –  12-7 PM
DEC 5  –  12-7 PM
DEC 6  –  12-6 PM

In order to get a reduced or free ticket for collectors and friends
please write to chiara@penelopearts.com or text +1 786 403 8755



If you have access to this page of Penelope Arts website it means that you are a collector,
a journalist or a special friend of the artist.

Please, print the images below and bring them
to the entry counter in
Miami River Art Fair.

Also, write to the Artist and tell her about your presence,
since she is preparing surprises and presents for all the guests.
Write to chiara@penelopearts.com or text her to +1 786 4038 755.

December 3rd, from 6 to 11 PM.

DEC 4  –  12-7 PM
DEC 5  –  12-7 PM
DEC 6  –  12-6 PM



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Complimentary Pass

Complimentary Pass front

The artworks of the Danieli in the Castle of Cento


Foto Rocca

The artworks of the show “Forgotten Spaces. All That is Left Behind”
have been hosted by the wonderful Castle of Cento (Rocca di Cento), Ferrara, Italy.

During the two night events organized to sustain the reconstruction of the Theatre Borgatti
hit by the earthquake the artist has brought the visitors to see the artworks that
were displayed in the Hotel Danieli in Venice for the Art Biennale.

The exhibition closed 25 October, 2015.


Watch the fascinating video where the artist tells the story behind the artworks.

Video artist: Cinzia Battistini

Opening of “Forgotten Spaces”

Penelope’s solo art exhibition opened at the Hotel Danieli in Venice with two special events.

Thursday July 23, 2015 the exclusive preview gathered exceptional guests for a unique itinerary through art and haute cuisine.

Saturday July 25, 2015 during the official opening, Penelope guided her guests through the exhibition and unveiled the fascinating stories behind the scenes.

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“Forgotten Spaces – All That is Left Behind” Venice, Hotel Danieli

Penelope is working on two important projects.





All That Is Left Behind
A Solo exhibit at the Hotel Danieli, Venice (Italy)


From 23 July to 12 September 2015

FORGOTTEN SPACES, All That Is Left Behind
A search for places that lay beyond the traditional views of Venice: unknown, secret, at times even forgotten. It is an unusual and adventurous exploration, as well as a documentary to be recorded at each and every step.
The artist has already started the adventure and will continue looking for these spaces. She will shoot fascinating photos, and will be filmed during the discovery process. The photos will document the quest and at the same time a few of them, those that better illustrate the places, will become artworks and will be transformed into paintings or nature-art.
Forgotten Spaces will also be a book and a video, to be enjoyed by you and the guests that will visit the show at the Hotel Danieli, right next to St. Mark’s Square, in the heart of Venice.

Lounge area, Hotel Danieli, Venice
Above: Lounge area, Hotel Danieli, Venice

Terrace, Hotel Danieli, Venice
Above: Terrace, Hotel Danieli, Venice

Penelope's exhibit at the Hotel Danieli will open during the Biennale Arte 2015
Penelope’s exhibit at the Hotel Danieli will open during the Biennale Arte 2015

Venice is made of labyrinths that connect the buildings with one-another. Are we really sure that the walls that divide those houses are all shared by inhabited spaces? And if beyond one of those walls there were a room forgotten for more than 300 years…What would be laying there? What kind of objects would be waiting?
It is certainly possible that from one generation to the next a house property went lost, and that it slowly became nobody’s land! It is possible that someone bricked a room over in order to hide secrets that will never be unveiled. How many such rooms can be scattered in a city like Venice, with its labyrinth-like shape and urban structure?
By analyzing the maps of the historical buildings of the city one wonders how many “black holes” there are, how many mysteries that nobody found…lost as always in our little lives that only see what the eyes are used to. And then we wonder why behind some walls we never hear a sound…
And again: secret gardens, that only very few eyes can see, and historical houses neglected and eventually forgotten by their families. Places that can surprise with their golden frescoes and magnificent decorations. How many secrets can still hold a space that’s been observed and experienced by millions of people? How much can we still be surprised by a city that holds so many mysteries that one could spend a whole life searching for them?


Penelope has signed a new contract

Geras-Tousignant is the new chosen gallery by Penelope, who after her stay
during her exhibition “We Are All Made of Stardust”
has decided to leave a footprint in the wonderful San Francisco.


Fallen in love with its magic and embracing atmosphere,
Penelope is already planning a new exhibition with James Geras,
the owner of the gallery.
He has also taken for himself
the drawing on glass ball “Altair”,
chosen from the exhibition
and immediately bought.

 Geras Gallery

The beautiful interior of the Geras-Tousignant Gallery, downtown San Francisco.

Artist’s reception and closing event of “We Are All Made of Stardust”

“We Are All Made of Stardust”

Paintings on natural and

mysteriously found objects

Monday February 9 – 5:30-7:30


Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco

Montgomery Street 814 – San Francisco


The architectures painted on palm leaves, mirrors and vinyl records

will be shown one last time in San Francisco.

08 - Andromeda_low

Penelope has decided to leave her artworks to where they belong:

they were specifically created for San Francisco

so the artist wants to leave them in its houses.

For this reason, the artworks of “We Are All Made of Stardust”

will be shown one last time before the exhibition closes:

this is the last chance to have one.

The artist Penelope unveils the secret of “We Are All Made of Stardust”

The press in San Francisco has written a beautiful article about Penelope’s exhibition “We Are All Made of Stardust”!

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“We Are All Made of Stardust” the new solo exhibition of Penelope

Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco, USA

From January 15toFebruary 10, 2015

 814 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94133



Artist Reception: January 30, 6pm

 Website of the italian cultural Institute here


From January 15 to February 10, 2015, Penelope willbring the magic of the stars amid the Institute’s walls.

San Francisco, January 12, 2015 — As part of a project for the promotion of the best from Bologna and the Emilia Romagna region, the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco, in collaboration with the association Bologna Connect, is pleased to present new works by Penelope Chiara Cocchi, a talented young artist from Bologna who is already known to the American public.


From January 15 to February 10, 2015, Penelope will bring the magic of the stars amid the Institute’s walls. The artist’s reception will be on January 30, at 6:00 pm, to allow the artist to arrive from Italy. Mary Tolaro Noyes, a keen connoisseur of Bologna and Ambassador for Bologna Connect in San Francisco, will introduce the exhibition. After several important exhibitions in Miami, Florida and Italy, the artist has been commissioned to create an imaginary bridge between San Francisco and Italy. The new paintings, created especially for this occasion, depict our city together with the most spectacular Italian landscapes. The technique — paintings made on very special canvases: palm leaves, driftwood, advertising signs, old music records, mirrors — is an invention of the artist. It has been developed for years, and was appreciated by several museums, institutions and galleries. 02_Chamaeleon_low The materials used as canvases by the artist are outright ancient and at the same time very contemporary. The mixed media technique that Penelope has invented brings together the art world and the natural world. These found objects have also a life of their own — transformed into artworks they attain the possibility of an extended life thanks to their new condition. The paintings on them recall their past lives, in a dialogue that reaches out to conceptual art.

The exhibition’s title, We Are All Made of Stardust, is in fact just a conceptual pursuit, as there are no pictures of the starry sky, nor paintings of galactic explosions. Especially conceived by the artist, the title recalls the Big Bang, the explosion which every single breath of our planet’s life comes from. Focusing on our daily lives, we always neglect to think about our origins — the very thing that makes us the most special beings of the Universe. Lost in our daily paths and habits, we forget that everything we have and do was first created by Nature.

0_Corona Borealis_low

Ecology and sustainability are the most important issues that Penelope wants to convey through her works. In fact they are the main intent of this young artist, who always recognized the importance of the role of the Artist in society. The artist is an active observer, who lives and takes part in the contemporary world, and then employs media and ideas to re-interpret reality.



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