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Contemporary Party 2015

Penelope has been invited by the entrepreneur’s association Unindustria to be part of the jury that will decide the winner of the contest “Art is Work – Is Work Art?”



December 2014 – January 2015

Penelope has been invited to take part to the exhibition “Contemporanei per Definizione – La Giovane Arte del Territorio” (Contemporary by Definition– The Young Art of the Surroundings”)


The exhibitionisheld in the wonderful Rocca di Cento (Castle in Cento), Ferrara, Italy.


 The artist shows her works on historical materials, on ancient doors and beams, in order to remind the recent natural desaster happened in the area, due to a strong earthquake.


The new gallery in Miami

Penelope hassignedher new contract with the prestigiousArtrageous Gallery, in the wealthy area of CoralGables, Miami, USA.


 The artworksdisplayed talk about Florida and Italy, and are made with naturalmaterials.




Village Of Merrick Park, 3rd Floor
358 San Lorenzo Avenue #3025
CoralGables, Florida 33146


Solo exhibition “The Neverending Story” by Penelope

Solo exhibition “The Neverending Story” by Penelope – September 13, 2014  to September 22, 2014
In the wonderful Fondantico Gallery (Bologna, via de’ Pepoli 6/e)
With the patronage of the Municipality of Bologna

“The Neverending Story – Imaginary Worlds in Bologna” Artworks on natural and historical materials

Mostra_Chiara-21 copia

The artist will show real and imaginary worlds in a secret Bologna before everybody’s eyes.

Landscapes and places that have been tore down and others that still exist are the inspiration of the Italian artist. After her American experience she has come back to bring her innovation developed in her long journeys.

“Nature is my canvas”

Mostra_Chiara-18 copia

The materials that the artist chooses are absolutely unique: in the last months Penelope has begun using natural materials as canvases for her paintings and drawings. They are materials that have been picked up in her travels and that have been transformed sometimes even before arriving to her studio.


The artist has developed a very special technique that brings a symbolic and conceptual meaning within.




Mostra_Chiara-35 copia

Exhibition in Sarasota at the Gallery IDS – Innovative Design Solutions

A new exhibition of Penelope will open August 21st, 2014 in Sarasota, Florida.


The opening will be from 4 to 7, and will host all the most recent artworks of Penelope, drawings and paintings on natural materials and photos.


Innovative Design Solutions

7500 S Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34231-6902

941.927.4IDS (4437)


Penelope in Gallery 212

Today Penelope is represented in Miami by Gallery 212, that keeps an art page for the featured artists.
See it here:


Here’s what the critics say about Penelope’s works:



Penelope and her architectures
on natural materials

SNN News tv 2

Penelope, art name of Chiara Cocchi, is a well known Italian artist, whose art is famous for concentrating on the most important issue of our century: the RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MANKIND AND NATURE.

Boat in the harbor

In her last works, the drawings on driftwood, the artist depicts landscapes and architectures of Florida, with the eyes of the curious traveler, using natural materials found on her way through woods, in the beaches, just walking in barefeet.

Penelope has oriented her vision to a globalized level, in order to link all cultures to the concept of being sons of the same seed. As a great visionnaire traveller, the artist experiences the links between all men, instead of seeing their differences.

Boca Grande Lighthouse

“The Artist is Ulysses when she travels and fills her eyes with wonder.

She turns into Penelope when she closes the door of her studio

and turns that wonder into art.”

Ringling Bridge

Penelope sews her stories with her travels around the world. Travelling is for the adult like feeling to find new incredible discoveries every day, just like the child. The artist is always compared to a grown-up child, because the artist is able to feel the wonder of the first time discovery with the eyes of the child.

Images of forests from all around the world, pictures of great impact and energy, depict men and women in fusion with nature. They sleep among the roots of the trees, on the boughs, and on the grass. They become one thing with Nature.


New exhibition of Penelope in Miami


Ringling Bridge

From the Editor: Summer Preview at Gallery 212

Michael and I wo uld like to invite our group of esteemed artists, collectors and friends to join the celebration and “Meet the Artists” this Second Saturday, June 14, 2014 as we preview what is in store for the Summer Exhibition.  The reception starts at 6:30pm, followed by Art Walk from 7-11pm.  If you have friends who would like to RSVP and are not already subscribed to our mailing list, email mypublicist@hotmail.com.



Fred Love

Milo Ligons

Paper Laine

Lisa Diakova

Michael Perez

Artie Sandstone

Charlotte Harber

Gustavo ‘Tavo Quiros

Actor, Artist Aaron Hill

Important Announcement!
All Artists are now featured on the
New Gallery 212 Miami BLOG


PENELOPE on SNN tv channel News

Penelope interviewed by SNN tv channel during the Giving Challenge, downtown Sarasota.

The artist has been invited to show her work and to enhance the generosity of the community.

A great event that brought the big community of artists to build
a wonderful art day together,
with figurative arts and music!

See the video of the interview on Facebook:


SNN News tv 1

SNN News tv 2 

SNN News tv 3

Penelope Exhibition in Miami – Gallery 212 (Wynwood District)

Penelope next exhibition will open in Miami, saturday May 10, from 6 to 10 pm.

Gallery 212, in the famous and fashinating Wynwood art district.

During the monthly Art Walk the gallery will have the solo exhibition of the Italian artist.


Gallery 212 will exhibit the new series of drawings and paintings on natural materials,
created by the artist for Florida’s audience.

Logo Gallery 212

Gallery 212 Miami from Outside shot by Fred Love

Newsletter Gallery 212 A

Newsletter Gallery 212 B








Art on Fire !

Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County

Schermata 05-2456783 alle 23.32.29


Penelope will be present with her driftwood series and will show her work in progress!