“Forgotten Spaces – All That is Left Behind” Venice, Hotel Danieli

Penelope is working on two important projects.





All That Is Left Behind
A Solo exhibit at the Hotel Danieli, Venice (Italy)


From 23 July to 12 September 2015

FORGOTTEN SPACES, All That Is Left Behind
A search for places that lay beyond the traditional views of Venice: unknown, secret, at times even forgotten. It is an unusual and adventurous exploration, as well as a documentary to be recorded at each and every step.
The artist has already started the adventure and will continue looking for these spaces. She will shoot fascinating photos, and will be filmed during the discovery process. The photos will document the quest and at the same time a few of them, those that better illustrate the places, will become artworks and will be transformed into paintings or nature-art.
Forgotten Spaces will also be a book and a video, to be enjoyed by you and the guests that will visit the show at the Hotel Danieli, right next to St. Mark’s Square, in the heart of Venice.

Lounge area, Hotel Danieli, Venice
Above: Lounge area, Hotel Danieli, Venice

Terrace, Hotel Danieli, Venice
Above: Terrace, Hotel Danieli, Venice

Penelope's exhibit at the Hotel Danieli will open during the Biennale Arte 2015
Penelope’s exhibit at the Hotel Danieli will open during the Biennale Arte 2015

Venice is made of labyrinths that connect the buildings with one-another. Are we really sure that the walls that divide those houses are all shared by inhabited spaces? And if beyond one of those walls there were a room forgotten for more than 300 years…What would be laying there? What kind of objects would be waiting?
It is certainly possible that from one generation to the next a house property went lost, and that it slowly became nobody’s land! It is possible that someone bricked a room over in order to hide secrets that will never be unveiled. How many such rooms can be scattered in a city like Venice, with its labyrinth-like shape and urban structure?
By analyzing the maps of the historical buildings of the city one wonders how many “black holes” there are, how many mysteries that nobody found…lost as always in our little lives that only see what the eyes are used to. And then we wonder why behind some walls we never hear a sound…
And again: secret gardens, that only very few eyes can see, and historical houses neglected and eventually forgotten by their families. Places that can surprise with their golden frescoes and magnificent decorations. How many secrets can still hold a space that’s been observed and experienced by millions of people? How much can we still be surprised by a city that holds so many mysteries that one could spend a whole life searching for them?


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