Star Gate

Watch the Star Gate like you were in front of it – Images from the Biennale in Venezia, Italy (National Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino)

The artworks

The Star Gate is a game of special glasses and mirrors that creates an impossible tunnel made of stars, which looks like it’s never-ending. It breaks the walls and creates the fourth dimension, opening a window overlooking the deep Universe.


These light boxes are a game of reflections: while admiring the outer space among four walls, it gives the clear impression of how we have taken our seats in the Universe, ourselves being reflected by the outer mirror.

Watch the video interview of Penelope and the astrophysicist Pierdomenico Memeo, talking about the Star Gates.


These artworks are real maps of the stars: the constellations and the sizes of the stars are the real ones that we can see from the Earth. Some of the Star Gates represent the map of the Southern Sky, and others represent the Northern Sky. Some other have words that are made of stars. They are realized in several sizes, that range from very small ones (23x23cm – 9×9 in) to very big ones (130×130 cm – 4×4 ft) and medium sizes (50×50 cm – 1.6×1.6 ft, 60x60cm – 2×2 ft, 70×70 cm – 2.3×2.3 ft, 80×80 cm – 2.6×2.6 ft, 100×100 cm – 3.3×3.3 ft).

Science teaches that the Earth and its life were not born directly in the Big Bang, because during this first stage only three elements were created. All the other have been created in billions of years, during the life and death of the Stars. So, we really are all made of stardust, because we share the same chemical elements and physical laws with the rest of the Universe.

Art and science are always thought as to be two separate dimensions. Penelope shows that they are interconnected, just like the Universe is: she starts from scientific theories and uses them for creating her intense artworks and interacting with the viewer and his or her senses.

The Universe hides its interrelations very well, but many forms and color expressions repeat themselves in the micro and the macro cosmos. This is what Penelope likes to find and show in her artworks.


Just like Leonardo Da Vinci used to do, the artist plays with words and turns them into an unknown language, readable only with another mirror that reflects and puts everything in the right place.

Watch the video of the artwork with the words “We Are Made of StarDust”


These new artworks have been first shown in the 57. Biennale d’Arte di Venezia, inside the National Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino.

Watch the service made by the National Italian TV Station RAI
in occasion of the exhibition of Penelope in the Biennale.

Contemporarily, the Star Gates were shown inside Palazzo Dandolo, historical building close to Piazza San Marco, home of the Hotel Danieli.



The Star Gates are always shown by the artist together with “The Symbolon” (see the Painting section), sculptures-paintings that resemble real meteorites but with a window on the deep Universe.

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