In ancient Greece, the “Symbolon” were objects that were divided into two parts, and that could tell to messengers to whom the letter could be delivered: only to the person who would complete the other half that they brought with them. They were at the same time useful and symbolical objects that connected two people, that are two families: two cosmos.




A stone that contains the Universe: the Whole found in the detail, the big into the small. A window on the stars found into a piece of worldly nature. This object gives the impression of a meteorite that has fallen from the sky, and broken in the impact, it shows what it has collected and hidden inside of it: a piece of Universe.



Alchemy has always taught that even in the smallest grain of sand the whole Universe is contained, that two opposites are just two sides of the same coin, and part of the same object.

Penelope shows all this into this series of artworks, that in a glance are capable of expressing these concepts that are hard to grasp.

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