Penelope alla Gallery 212

Oggi Penelope è rappresentata a Miami dalla Gallery 212.

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Penelope and her architectures
on natural materials

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Penelope, art name of Chiara Cocchi, is a well known Italian artist, whose art is famous for concentrating on the most important issue of our century: the RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MANKIND AND NATURE.

Boat in the harbor

In her last works, the drawings on driftwood, the artist depicts landscapes and architectures of Florida, with the eyes of the curious traveler, using natural materials found on her way through woods, in the beaches, just walking in barefeet.

Penelope has oriented her vision to a globalized level, in order to link all cultures to the concept of being sons of the same seed. As a great visionnaire traveller, the artist experiences the links between all men, instead of seeing their differences.

Boca Grande Lighthouse

“The Artist is Ulysses when she travels and fills her eyes with wonder.

She turns into Penelope when she closes the door of her studio

and turns that wonder into art.”

Ringling Bridge

Penelope sews her stories with her travels around the world. Travelling is for the adult like feeling to find new incredible discoveries every day, just like the child. The artist is always compared to a grown-up child, because the artist is able to feel the wonder of the first time discovery with the eyes of the child.

Images of forests from all around the world, pictures of great impact and energy, depict men and women in fusion with nature. They sleep among the roots of the trees, on the boughs, and on the grass. They become one thing with Nature.